Chairman & CEO 

Mr. Hughes has more than 30 years of experience in business development and investment markets. In 1997, Ron joined Global Securities as a Licensed Investment Advisor providing investment analysis, equity trading and capital structure strategy to corporate finance. In 2001, he began his executive roles, first as President of TransAmerican Energy Inc., and currently serves on the boards of publicly traded companies in the United States and Canada.


He has also been a partner with North Arm Capital Services, providing Investor Relations and Business Development services to domestic and international clients for nearly three decades. Mr. Hughes studied Resource Economics at the University of Alberta and then International Marketing and Management at University of Hawaii (1987).

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Mr. Blum has extensive expertise in the corporate finance and equity/debt structure. He was a registered principal compliance officer for close to 27 years on Wall Street and has worked at numerous firms in many capacities.

Erik’s career started at Lehman Brothers and Drexel Burnham California underwriting junk bonds in the late 1980’s. While at Drexel, Mr. Blum worked with Steve Nassau and Michael Milken on the 7UP and NWA LBO’s. After Drexel, Mr. Blum moved to Shearson and later found a home at Tucker Anthony /John Hancock, structuring debt, raising equity, and participating in corporate finance.


Mr. Blum then joined D. Blech & Company as an officer and principal in 1993 and was instrumental in bringing more than 50 Bio Tech companies to market including Gilead, Human Genome Sciences, Texas Biotech, VISX Laser, Guilford, and many others. In 2001 Mr. Blum moved to Florida and began structuring CMO’S specializing in the inverse floater side of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. In 2005 Mr. Blum successfully created a reverse convertible bond desk based on volatility for Stern Agee. Mr. Blum left Wall Street in 2010 to branch off privately.


Privately, Eric founded JW Price, LLC, a corporate consulting firm, which focused on providing business development services to micro cap and other small public companies. At JW Price, Mr. Blum helped a series of companies become successful public traded entities. He has sat as CEO, CFO, and Director with multiple company’s and has been instrumental in enabling their turnarounds and growth. With over 30 years’ experience in debt, corporate finance and company management, Mr. Blum has a unique perspective on the equity markets. 


Certified Public Accountant

Ms. Boulds has been engaged in private practice as a CPA and business consultant. Rachel  specializes in preparation of full disclosure financial statements for public companies to comply with GAAP and SEC requirements. From August 2004 through July 2009, she was employed as a Senior Auditor for HJ & Associates, LLC, where she performed audits and reviews for public and private companies, including the preparation of financial statements to comply with GAAP and SEC requirements.


From 2003 through 2004, Ms. Boulds was employed as a Senior Auditor for Mohler, Nixon and Williams. From September 2001, through July 2003, Ms. Boulds worked as an ABAS associate for PriceWaterhouseCoopers. From April 2000 through February 2001, she was employed an an eCommerce Accountant for the Walt Disney Group's GO.com division. Ms. Boulds holds a B.S. in Accounting from San Jose State University, 2001 and is licensed as a CPA in the state of Utah.