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A Few Words About
SMC...  with newly acquired
Genesis Financial 
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Welcome... glad you found us!

SMC Entertainment Inc. is an OTC Markets, publicly traded company, with an assembled team of esteemed individuals solving market needs, primarily in the merger and acquisition landscape.

Recently acquired Genesis, with 23 employees under its purview along with 120 financial consultants, advisors, and representatives, is a fully integrated financial technology company with a full suite of digital financial services solutions. Genesis, focuses on fintech-powered wealth management services, operates its business through two Australian regulated entities in wealth management, tax and accounting advisory services. The two operating subsidiaries are the Ballast Group and The Financial Link Group. For more information, visit and

The Australian Wealth Management industry has over 25,000 financial advisors managing 2.2 million investors. The annual fees generated by the Wealth Management industry is close to $3.9 billion. According to AITE (2020) at least 10 million adults are underserved or not served at all by the Australian Financial Advisors. Genesis has firmly positioned itself to acquire and consolidate to expand in Australia's fragmented Independent Dealer Group business sector.

Watch as we grow and build out our company of products and services, SMC Entertainment will transform through mergers and acquisitions, whereby stakeholders can participate in the exciting value added opportunities ahead. 

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