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SMC Entertainment Inc. is an OTC Markets, SEC reporting publicly traded company, with an assembled team of esteemed individuals solving market needs, primarily in the merger and acquisition landscape.

In a marketplace of rapid advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI), SMC identifies multiple opportunities within the FinTech universe to pursue for its' shareholders. The company sees itself as a FinTech-Disruptor, seeking businesses that are pioneering the digital world and investing in AI, specifically within the financial services domain.

One such company that was targeted for acquisistion is ChainTrade.


Artificial Intelligence leverages computers and machines to mimic the problem-solving and decision-making capabilities of the expert human mind.

Watch as we grow and build out our company of Fintech-Disruption business products and services, SMC Entertainment Inc. will transform through mergers and acquisitions, whereby stakeholders can participate in the exciting value added opportunities ahead. 

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